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One of the most complete and in-depth national polls so far this year was released recently (field date April 19-26, 2022) of a national sample of almost 1,400 respondents. The survey was supported by NPR/PBS and conducted as the Marist Poll. The headlines that came out of this survey were, of course, that President Joe Biden’s job approval rating was a consistent 51% disapproval and that the generic U.S. House ballot for the upcoming midterm elections now favors the Republican Party (47% to 44%). That’s quite a change from their previous survey in September 2021, which had given the Democrats a +8% lead on the generic U.S. House ballot.

However, when digging deeper into the statistical group results, there was some surprisingly interesting Hispanic data that was not reported. Hispanics are 14% of the national registered vote sample population, which is just enough sample size to pay attention to their specific results. Each statistical table breaks down the Anglo-Black-Hispanic-Other so you compare the today’s political universe “up close and personal“.

Texas Monthly Looks at Why Democrats are Losing Texas Latinos

“South Texas, lately, has become an object of political fascination for pundits, some of whom have not taken the time to understand even the most basic facts about the region.”  This is how Texas Monthly began their article (Sept 2021) which was entitled, Why Democrats Are Losing Texas Latinos.  Their in-depth investigation started out with how the new mayor of McAllen, Texas could explain how a Hispanic electorate could go Republican and, after some 20 pages, concluded that there were three hypotheses (see below).  As we approach the May 24th runoff in Texas and the forthcoming midterm elections in Texas this November, this analysis deserves closer reading.

Earlier Book by Leslie Sanchez on How to Communicate with Hispanic Voters is more relevant than ever

In 2007, some fifteen years ago, Leslie Sanchez published a book on why Hispanics and Republicans need each other, called “Los Republicanos1”.

Leslie Sanchez currently has a career focused on corporate marketing and political messaging and is currently a CBS commentator, among other things. She has also been offering advice to the Texas Latinos Conservatives PAC, as she believes strongly in our mission and how important messaging will be in the next election.

Her book, then, was way ahead of its time because it outlines how to campaign for the Hispanic vote and the book represents a written “code book” for a universal Hispanic strategy that can be used in any Conservative campaign.