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Texas Latino Conservatives Statement on the Appointment of Rebeca Huddle to the Texas Supreme Court

October 15, 2020          

HOUSTON – Texas Latino Conservatives issued the following statement regarding Gov. Greg Abbott’s intent to appoint former Justice Rebeca Huddle to the Texas Supreme Court.

“Rebeca Huddle has been a principled leader in the Texas judicial system since her appointment to the First Court of Appeals in 2011 by Gov. Rick Perry. In her time on the court, she gained extensive knowledge of our state’s appellate system, authoring more than 400 majority opinions and adjudicating more than 1,000 appeals. Ms. Huddle’s Hispanic heritage illustrates the power and potential of the conservative Latino community. She will be a strong addition to the Texas Supreme Court and Texas Latino Conservatives looks forward to her long career on the Court protecting the rights of Texans”.

Texas Latino Conservatives is a statewide organizing force of the conservative Latino community working to increase Latino representation and participation in government.

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TLC PAC Releases Pre-Election Latino Poll

September 29, 2020     

Texas Latino Conservatives recently conducted a live-phone survey of 500 independent and Republican Latino-registered voters in Texas. This is the first poll of its type and was conducted August 28 - September 3. The survey has a margin of error of +/- 4.2%


Latinos May Be Swing Votes in 6 States Including Texas

A new poll conducted recently (June 2020) of six Hispanic battleground states (which includes Texas and five others) for the 2020 Presidential election showed a great concern for the campaign of Democratic candidate Joe Biden. The concern centers on the fact that only 59% of Latinos said they intend to vote in November.

Since 73% of Latinos who were registered to vote had said in February that they were certain to vote, this "low rate"as reported by Latino Decisions polling firm is definitely warranted. The poll also showed less than 50% of Latino voters under 30 years of age said that they intended to vote.  This was a big problem for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, in 2016, as well.

The bottom line is that the Hispanic vote in 2020 may not have the enthusiasm to go to the polls in large numbers for the presumptive Democratic candidate.

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