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Democrats Dreams of Flipping Texas with Early Vote Exploding

From Bloomberg News:

Hispanics Crucial

Key to a Biden upset in Texas is the Hispanic vote, with Latinos making up 30% of all eligible voters. Nationally, Latino participation in early voting is more than double what it was in 2016. Like the rest of the country, the vast majority of Hispanic votes in Texas is expected to go to Biden, and Harris’s visit to McAllen will take her to the heart of the four-county Rio Grand Valley border region. But polling has been all over the place, leaving room for a stronger-than-expected showing of conservative Latino voters.

“In Texas, the Latino vote has tended to lean Democratic, but that’s exactly it: It leans Democratic,” said Renée Cross, senior director at the Hobby School of Public Affairs at the University of Houston. “I don’t think there’s any doubt that the majority of Hispanics will vote for Biden, but the question is how many of the ones who vote Republican will vote for Trump.”

Texas Latino Conservatives Statement on the Appointment of Rebeca Huddle to the Texas Supreme Court

October 15, 2020          

HOUSTON – Texas Latino Conservatives issued the following statement regarding Gov. Greg Abbott’s intent to appoint former Justice Rebeca Huddle to the Texas Supreme Court.

“Rebeca Huddle has been a principled leader in the Texas judicial system since her appointment to the First Court of Appeals in 2011 by Gov. Rick Perry. In her time on the court, she gained extensive knowledge of our state’s appellate system, authoring more than 400 majority opinions and adjudicating more than 1,000 appeals. Ms. Huddle’s Hispanic heritage illustrates the power and potential of the conservative Latino community. She will be a strong addition to the Texas Supreme Court and Texas Latino Conservatives looks forward to her long career on the Court protecting the rights of Texans”.

Texas Latino Conservatives is a statewide organizing force of the conservative Latino community working to increase Latino representation and participation in government.

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