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Hispanic Shift: Latinos in Search of Working-Class Agenda

Comment by V. Lance Tarrance, Jr.

The Los Angeles Times reported an Op-Ed piece which showed what was happening with the Hispanic realignment in California - the nation's largest state, with almost 16 million Hispanics.  Texas has about 12 million Hispanics.  This analysis from California, with key excerpts listed below, continued to show the shift of Hispanics to the Republican Party.  Texas seems to be in front of California in the realignment forces, however they track together pretty well.  A more common sense economic agenda, with a framework of cultural conservatism, is still our big strategy.  Read below to see if you agree: 

Op-Ed: Latino voters are still in search of working-class agenda
Los Angeles Times - January 1, 2023

"The education divide that has defined American politics over the last three election cycles has begun to appear in the country’s largest blue state, California. Democrats have captured and retained greater shares of college-educated voters in metro areas, but it has come at the expense of losing rural and blue-collar voters to the Republican Party..."

Hispanic Highlights of the Midterm Elections in Texas - 2022

November 14, 2022

  • Governor Abbott won reelection by almost 1 million votes in 2022 and the Texas Hispanic vote was a major focus of his election coalitional support. Republican victories down the ballot were felt prominently in South Texas where the GOP continued to win  races after targeting this historically Democratic region of Texas.  Gone are the days of unquestioned Democratic control of Hispanics in South Texas, as Republicans have aggressively gained new  important footholds in the region. 

  • Despite efforts by the national Democratic Party to make Texas more of a leftist state, Hispanics are now assuring the GOP consistency of their continued majority. According to exit polls, Governor Abbott received 40% of the Hispanic vote in Texas and that has helped Republicans in Texas to have now won 166 consecutive statewide elections over the last 25 years.  The Houston Chronicle (November 11, 2022) headlined, “Blowout Midterm Losses Leave Texas Democrats Again Searching for Statewide Competitiveness”.

  • Republicans gained a new political platform in South Texas in which to launch further inroads – winning the 15th District U.S. House of Representatives. Two other U.S. House Districts which were hotly contested will be top targets for the national Republican Party in the next presidential election.  The Texas GOP also gained a new State Representative in South Texas and held control of two other state districts traditionally held by Democrats. These wins are “ significant gains that would’ve unimaginable a few cycles ago “.  ( The Texas Tribune, 11/10/22 )

WSJ: Democrats are in Trouble with Hispanics

"The following are excerpts from a Wall Street Journal opinion piece which was apparently written to be a final red flag message to the Democratic Party that the Republican Party is now achieving electoral parity and is taking the Hispanic voting population in a different cultural and economic direction.  Someday historians will look back at opinions like this and say the evidence for this transformation of Hispanics being the new swing vote began in the early 2020's of U.S. political history.  As we now know, the first precursor was the 2016 Presidential election based upon the immigration issue and the economy."

See if you agree that the US is now at a pivotal political moment in history.

-- V.  Lance Tarrance, Jr.