April 6th Tele-Town Hall Questions

Over 13,000 Texans joined the April 6th Small Business Tele-Town Hall presented as a public service by Texas Latino Conservatives.

Orlando Sanchez, Director of Texas Latino Conservatives, hosted our experts Gary Henderson and Robert Rios from Allegiance Bank, Abigail Gonzales from the Small Business Administration and Ana Garcia and Clarissa Sanchez from Senator John Cornyn's Harlingen Office to answer questions about the CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), Emergency Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) and other help available to Texas Small Businesses.

You can listen to the questions and answers of interest to you below.

Introduction with Orlando Sanchez and Andrea Gomez

Overview of Paycheck Protection Plan Program and difference from Economic Injury Disaster Assistance Loan (EIDL)


PPP Program vs. EIDAL: Which should I use?

Can a small business qualify for both EIDL and PPP? How long do I have to retain employees?

Do you have to have perfect credit to qualify for these loans?

Is there an amount of money I can receive that I do not have to pay back?

Is there assistance with rent and other bills for closed businesses?

What is required as proof of payroll?

How do you determine if company is too large for PPP program?

Are Churches and Faith-Based Organizations eligible for assistance?

Is employer eligible for payroll assistance if employees have filed for unemployment?

Do you have to be a documented citizen/resident to receive assistance?

Contract Workers and Self-Employed

How are Contract/1099 employees treated?

I'm a contract worker with no work. Do I qualify for assistance?

I'm on a pension but do contract work. My hours have been reduced. Am I eligible for assistance?

What program is best for an attorney whose business has dropped off?

Real Estate and Landlords

Do Programs apply to Real Estate industry?

Landlord with Tenant Unable to Pay Rent

Is there help for landlords whose tenants can't pay their rents?

I am building a house. Is there assistance to pay subcontractors?


Bank is not responding quickly enough

How long does it take to process EIDL application and how do you track?

Website crashed during application. What do I do?

Senator Cornyn Harlingen Office Contact Info

Closing Remarks