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  • Latino Republicans Push Back on Party's Immigration Agenda

    Posted by · March 09, 2023 12:54 PM

    Now that the Republican Party has assumed control of the U.S. House of Representatives, the issue of immigration reform is finally back on the table as Democrats have been looking the other way for the last several years.  As Americans know by now, Democrats have positioned subconsciously,  if not consciously, to be for "open borders", whereas Republicans contradict this position with restrictive policies that purport to create a more orderly and updated system of entry. Both sides of the issue seem intractable.

    There are various theories of how to negotiate a reform or political compromise with an endgame that enables both sides to win some, if not all,  proportion of the debate.  The great German philosopher, Frederick Hegel, in the 19th century, created a systematic approach for uses in political compromises and the positive progression of History. He postulated that the history of civilization only moves forward based upon one side advocating a "Thesis" or strong point of view which is always contradicted the by an Anti-Thesis",  based upon perceived imperfections and design flaws. Hegel says that you have to use "Reason" or rational thought rather than emotionality or perceptions to finally arrive at a "Synthesis" or compromise that both sides can win, at least, somewhat each can win.  In other words, civilization advances in a positive manner only when both sides agree to advancing the  quality of life, which he calls a "Synthesis".  The key here is: how do you arrive at a successful mid-point to both points of view in which history can advance?

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  • South Texas & South Florida: New Red Wave Twin Sisters?

    Posted by · February 21, 2023 3:24 PM

    The following article with excerpts appeared recently in The New Yorker magazine (Jan 25, 2023) on how the Democrats are losing the Latino vote in South Florida.  There is a parallel here in geopolitical terms with South Texas.  There has been so much success in South Florida that we, in Texas, might pick up some valuable tips and inside operational knowledge.  It is obvious that the  South Florida GOP:

    1. Outworked the Florida state Democrats year around 
    2. Invested more money in their canvassing efforts
    3. Had better messaging
    4. Had more networking sessions year around
    5. AND, basically, forced the Democrats to campaign from behind.

    --V. Lance Tarrance, Jr.

    Republicans’ sustained and successful courting of Latino voters in South Florida could be a road map for the G.O.P. in 2024.

    by Stephania Taladrid, Jan 25, 2003.  The New Yorker

    When Trump ran for President in 2016, his resort was seen as a Republican island in Miami-Dade County, an area that has been a Democratic stronghold for decades. That year, Hillary Clinton beat Trump by thirty points there. In the midterms of 2018, Governor Ron DeSantis lost Miami-Dade by twenty points. Democrats’ hopes of flipping Florida long rested in the southeast of the state. But the Democratic Party’s dominance in Florida’s most populous county has been slowly eroding. In 2020, Trump cut the Party’s lead, losing to Biden by a mere seven points in Miami-Dade."

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  • Why Climate Catastrophism May be Helping the Working/Middle Class Shift Away from Democrats

    Posted by · February 06, 2023 11:45 AM

    There has recently been published a three (3) part analysis of WHY the Democratic Party is losing the working and middle classes of America: their new political themes of "climate catastrophism" (for example, see Al Gore at Davos ). Since the Democratic Party has shifted away from practical considerations of dealing with the environment, more sensitive in Texas, it explains a big part of the generational realignment to the Republican Party.

    Most political observers believe the realignment problem for the Democrats is because they have moved so far to the Left, particularly on the new cultural issues, but these articles say "not so fast '.  The Hispanic vote is shifting today because of the lack of economic freedom by the new Democratic climate philosophy and, because of their New Left climate policies, has allowed working class Hispanics to check out the more conservative party.

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  • Hispanic Shift: Latinos in Search of Working-Class Agenda

    Posted by · January 04, 2023 11:13 AM · 1 reaction

    Comment by V. Lance Tarrance, Jr.

    The Los Angeles Times reported an Op-Ed piece which showed what was happening with the Hispanic realignment in California - the nation's largest state, with almost 16 million Hispanics.  Texas has about 12 million Hispanics.  This analysis from California, with key excerpts listed below, continued to show the shift of Hispanics to the Republican Party.  Texas seems to be in front of California in the realignment forces, however they track together pretty well.  A more common sense economic agenda, with a framework of cultural conservatism, is still our big strategy.  Read below to see if you agree: 

    Op-Ed: Latino voters are still in search of working-class agenda
    Los Angeles Times - January 1, 2023


    "The education divide that has defined American politics over the last three election cycles has begun to appear in the country’s largest blue state, California. Democrats have captured and retained greater shares of college-educated voters in metro areas, but it has come at the expense of losing rural and blue-collar voters to the Republican Party..."

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  • Hispanic Highlights of the Midterm Elections in Texas - 2022

    Posted by · November 29, 2022 10:37 AM · 2 reactions

    November 14, 2022

    • Governor Abbott won reelection by almost 1 million votes in 2022 and the Texas Hispanic vote was a major focus of his election coalitional support. Republican victories down the ballot were felt prominently in South Texas where the GOP continued to win  races after targeting this historically Democratic region of Texas.  Gone are the days of unquestioned Democratic control of Hispanics in South Texas, as Republicans have aggressively gained new  important footholds in the region. 

    • Despite efforts by the national Democratic Party to make Texas more of a leftist state, Hispanics are now assuring the GOP consistency of their continued majority. According to exit polls, Governor Abbott received 40% of the Hispanic vote in Texas and that has helped Republicans in Texas to have now won 166 consecutive statewide elections over the last 25 years.  The Houston Chronicle (November 11, 2022) headlined, “Blowout Midterm Losses Leave Texas Democrats Again Searching for Statewide Competitiveness”.

    • Republicans gained a new political platform in South Texas in which to launch further inroads – winning the 15th District U.S. House of Representatives. Two other U.S. House Districts which were hotly contested will be top targets for the national Republican Party in the next presidential election.  The Texas GOP also gained a new State Representative in South Texas and held control of two other state districts traditionally held by Democrats. These wins are “ significant gains that would’ve unimaginable a few cycles ago “.  ( The Texas Tribune, 11/10/22 )

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  • WSJ: Democrats are in Trouble with Hispanics

    Posted by · October 20, 2022 11:47 AM

    "The following are excerpts from a Wall Street Journal opinion piece which was apparently written to be a final red flag message to the Democratic Party that the Republican Party is now achieving electoral parity and is taking the Hispanic voting population in a different cultural and economic direction.  Someday historians will look back at opinions like this and say the evidence for this transformation of Hispanics being the new swing vote began in the early 2020's of U.S. political history.  As we now know, the first precursor was the 2016 Presidential election based upon the immigration issue and the economy."

    See if you agree that the US is now at a pivotal political moment in history.

    -- V.  Lance Tarrance, Jr.

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  • TLC Hispanic Realignment Survey

    Posted by · October 13, 2022 1:25 PM

    TLC, along with Patrick Ruffini of Echelon Insights, Leslie Sanchez of Impacto Group, and V. Lance Tarrance, Jr., led a year-long Hispanic Realignment survey. Through this work, we are able to provide campaigns up and down the ballot with the tools they need to identify and message conservative Latinos across Texas.

    Some key learnings:

    • Republicans tied with Democrats across the Hispanic in key regions in the 2022 midterm race.
    • 61 percent are bothered by the current direction of the Democratic Party.
    • Few are satisfied with the direction of the country, and they blame Biden.
    • Conservative Hispanic values translate to movement towards Republicans.
    • Hispanics surveyed favor tougher border security measures.
    • Hispanics overwhelmingly support more oil and gas exploration and jobs in Texas.

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  • Year of the Latina Republican

    Posted by · September 27, 2022 12:32 PM · 1 reaction

    If anyone has been watching the news about the midterm elections and their impact on the future of America, they would have seen the many national television interviews of the three Republican Latina women running for Congress in South Texas this year.  Interviews with each of these three women have shown them to be extremely knowledgeable and hard fighters for the values of Texas.  All national analysts are looking at these three Congressional Districts for the big sign that Hispanics are realigning to the Republican Party or not.  Public opinion data says that Hispanics ARE making a strong shift to the Republican Party.  However, this opinion seems to totally rest with the outcome of these three Congressional Districts.

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  • The Democrats’ Hispanic Voter Problem

    Posted by · September 20, 2022 8:14 AM · 1 reaction

    It's Not As Bad As You Think—It’s Worse

    “The Democrats are steadily losing ground with Hispanic voters. The seriousness of this problem tends to be underestimated in Democratic circles for a couple of reasons: (1) they don’t realize how big the shift is; and (2) they don’t realize how thoroughly it undermines the most influential Democratic theory of the case for building their coalition.”

    --Ruy Teixeira, December 9, 2020, The Liberal Patriot.

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  • The Slippery Slope from the Abuse of Power

    Posted by · September 02, 2022 4:11 PM · 1 reaction

    One of the reasons so many have fled Latin America to come to the United States is the protection counted on when living in a country that operates under the rule of law rather than by the whims of an authoritarian leader. Today in America, the Democrats, who currently control the House, the Senate and the White House are practicing the leadership-by-whim style of government. 

    The latest example is the student loan debt forgiveness policy announced by President Biden. Last year his own Department of Education acknowledged that it lacked the “statutory authority” to forgive such loans on a “mass basis.” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi famously said in July 2021 that “People think that the president of the United States has the power for debt forgiveness. He does not,” she reminded us. “He can postpone. He can delay. But he does not have that power. That has to be an act of Congress,” said Pelosi. If you get your news from CNN or MSNBC, you probably haven’t seen that video.

    Both Pelosi and Biden have conveniently flip-flopped less than 90 days from the midterm elections, a political calculation that could certainly backfire. Let’s observe the risks and project what will be the outcome.

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