From International Beauty Queen to Texas Conservative Activist

Carmen Montiel


Having been born in Venezuela, my upbringing was rooted in the conservative ideals of faith and familyI have since seen how leftist ideas can destroy a country by undermining our values and our freedom. As a first generation Texan and American, I have experienced first-hand what can be achieved through the blessings of liberty and have worked to pass on these values to my children. I have spent most of my life in the public eye, early on as Miss Venezuela and Miss South America, and later as a broadcast journalist and Spanish language television anchorwoman.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to listen to the people in our community and to give them a voice. In doing so, I have discovered the Hispanic voice, for far too long, has been misrepresented. Conservatives at heart, Hispanics have been "duped" into believing they are Democrats, and as a result, our values and interests have not been represented by many of our leaders. That is why I chose to get involved politically and why I am a Republican.


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