Covid-19 Health and Business Tele-Town Hall

Over 13,000 Texans, including Senator John Cornyn, joined the April 14th Health and Business Tele-Town Hall presented as a public service by Texas Latino Conservatives.

Orlando Sanchez, Director of Texas Latino Conservatives, hosted Texas' senior Senator John Cornyn and special guest experts Dr. Luis Ostrosky, Medical Director of Epidemiology for Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center, and Abigail Gonzalez from the Small Business Administration, answering Texan's health and business questions concerning the Covid-19 crisis.

Introduction with Orlando Sanchez and Andrea Gomez

Legislative Update from Senator John Cornyn

Update on Current Medical Situation and Prognosis from Dr. Luis Ostrosky

Introduction of Abby Gonzales from the SBA

Question from El Paso: How will Closure of Army Medical Center in El Paso affect veteran's medical care?

When can we get our lives back?

Can you apply for Payroll Protection Plan (PPP) for your employees and also for yourself as self-employed?

Question from the Panhandle: How much will the testing cost?

Question from Victoria: Will Congress compensate Health Care workers?

Re-introduction of Experts and Poll Question

Is there help for people who don't have health care?

Question from the Dallas Area: Can we get the Covid-19 rapid testing?

Advice for vulnerable people: one spouse has cancer and the other is paraplegic; having difficulty getting PPE and medicines.

The banks I call about PPP say it hasn't been funded. Can you help?

Question from Laredo: Is it safe to go into the VA clinics? Are Covid-19 tests safe?

Poll Results

Will Senior citizen's stimulus checks automatically be sent to their bank accounts?

Do high-risk individuals qualify for unemployment benefits and when will it be safe to return to workforce?

Question from the Rio Grande Valley: Is there help for visually-impaired persons needing to complete loan applications?

What do you do when you can't get needed medicines?

Will the homeless receive stimulus checks?

Will we be taxed on the stimulus benefits we receive?

If you've been infected with the virus once, can you get it again?

Concluding Remarks