Bail Reform

In an interview on our TLC Live! weekly show, Mary Nan Huffman, Legal Counsel for the Houston Police Officer's Union speaks with Andrea and Orlando about the impact of bail and personal recognizance bonds on crime in our communities.

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TLC Live!: Rising Crime, Bail Reform, and the Effects on our Communities with guest Mary Nan Huffman

TLC on Crime

We believe that the first responsibility of any government is the protection and well being of its citizens. One of the principal causes behind the mass migration we see coming into the US is the failure of many countries to fulfill this responsibility for their people.

Frighteningly, we see that many in our government who are charged with this duty are allowing crime to run wild in our country as well. Crime attacks the Hispanic community particularly hard. Dangerous gangs have moved north and are taking control of many of our communities. Not only do they bring a drug culture, they traffic young women -- treating them as slaves. The Hispanic community’s children here in the US are being attacked and compromised during the turf wars of these cruel gangs.

Our government is not getting sufficient pressure from the community to fight this scourge on our society and quality of life. In our schools, in our stores and on our streets our children are victims of these criminals.

A primary goal of Texas Latino Conservatives is to promote leaders and help elect officials who see these dangers and who will take whatever lawful means are available for the protection of the people. We cannot allow what has happened at the border to infiltrate the entire country. We have seen many of our major cities on fire with billions of dollars of destruction and economies brought to a halt by the lawlessness. We have a moral obligation to protect our families and our neighbors.

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