Education and Health

In an interview on our TLC Live! weekly show, Dr. Eduardo Sanchez of the American Heart Association explains the importance of education and its influence on positive health outcomes.

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TLC on Education

Many of the school districts in America today have become indoctrination centers. They are moving away from teaching the skills needed to succeed and improve society. Parents are losing control of their children’s education. TLC believes that this must be fixed.

To be certain children will be educated as the parents want, parents must be given the ability to monitor and manage what takes place in the classrooms. Too many schools block parents’ involvement. The system does this because they can: parents have no control over where their students are sent to school. School choice, either with vouchers or a system with selection opportunity gives the power of which school the students attend to families. Once the schools begin to create market-driven selection, the parents will be able to choose the course of education for their children. The school administrators will quickly learn the necessity of pleasing parents for the schools to survive.

The arrogance of those in control to act as if they know better for the students than their parents is preposterous. Former Texas Senator Phil Gramm used to say, “No one is going to love my boys as much as I do.” We are at a point where schools see students as objects to be used rather than as individual children; this can only be overcome by parents’ involvement. The distant bureaucracy in pursuit of power and manipulation of minds must be stopped so we can equip our future leaders and pass on the values that made this country great.

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