Health in the Latino Community

In a Telemundo interview, TLC's Andrea Gomez and Baylor College of Medicine's Isabel Valdez discuss TLC's Salud a Ti Community Health Fair. (In Spanish)


In an interview on our TLC Live! weekly show, Dr. Eduardo Sanchez of the American Heart Association talks about health in the Latino community.

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TLC Live! Health in the Latino Community with Dr Eduardo Sanchez

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TLC on Health

TLC is dedicated to issues that affect the Hispanic community, but most of all we are dedicated to the community itself. In that sense, the health of our citizens is a top priority. We all know that healthcare is expensive and no one wants to spend a lot of money getting well. This is why TLC focuses our attention on wellness - staying healthy.

When our kids are healthy, they do better in school. When adults are healthy, they are more productive at work and provide better for their families. We are committed to policies that result in a healthier community by, for example, reducing the incidences of chronic, and avoidable conditions like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and STDs.

We are all connected by health and as such, TLC is working with the medical, business and political communicates to develop programs to create opportunities for healthier lifestyles within the Hispanic community. Better access to quality healthcare, quality food and opportunities for exercise are all goals we are working to achieve.


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