TLC Founder Orlando Sanchez discusses Congress' failure to address immigration reform.

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TLC on Immigration

No country in the world welcomes new citizens as has the United States. We are the last refuge from oppressive and evil regimes. We want this country to remain the refuge of choice for those in need to protect their lives. But we cannot be a refuge when leaders in other countries are so corrupt that their economies are closed except to the ruling elites.

TLC has worked with our lawyers to create a Family Stabilization plan for work visas to allow workers to return home and then back to their families here. We recognize people who came here and participated in community life, had families and paid taxes deserve to be recognized and should be allowed to remain here to complete their nurturing of their families. They cannot, while driving carpool, live in fear of being separated and sent to a country they no longer know.

This will include the “Dreamers”, whom we have educated and who know no other home.

We call on the US Government to enforce the laws as they exist today and improve those that block the fulfillment and the protection of American ideals. No country can be a country without secure borders. We must enforce our laws while we demonstrate the compassion of our fellow Americans to make exception for people who have called America home and offer them participation as our guests.

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