July Physical and Mental Health Covid-19 Tele Town Hall

Texans call in with questions about the effects of Covid-19 on their physical and mental health. Questions answered by Dr. Luis Ostrosky, Vice Chair of Medicine for Health Care Quality, Director of the Laboratory of Mycology Research in the Division of Infectious Diseases at the McGovern Medical School, University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston and Dr. Carolina Jimenez, Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in stress-related mental health counseling for families. Moderated by Orlando Sanchez

1. Introduction with Orlando Sanchez
2. Dr. Ostrosky: Pandemic Overview
3. Dr. Jimenez: Pandemic Mental Health Overview
4. Are there additional precautions a person with health issues and facing surgery should take?
5. Is Covid-19 responsible for the increase hospital and ICU utilization or is it the result of a backlog of other surgeries and illness?
6. How can we help our schools, teachers and students who are having difficulty dealing with Covid-19?
7. Concerns about stress among children and teachers.
8. Will my scheduled surgery be cancelled? Is it safe to go to the hospital?
9. My wife and I work in different places and are supposed to socially distance. How do we do that when we live in the same house?
10. With so many asymptomatic persons, how can we be safe when we go out without massive testing?
11. My husband had a stroke and we can't see him. He doesn't understand and is depressed. What do we do?
12. What is the real number of Covid-19 cases?
13. After being diagnosed, how long should you wait before interacting with other people?
14. How do you convince your friends that this is not a hoax?
15. What is efficacy of masks? Can we just isolate high risk people like Germany did?
16. My son had Guillain-Barre syndrome and now works as an RN. Is he safe?
17. Can you get the virus from a contaminated cell phone?
18. I'm 77 years old. Is it safe for me to fly in a plane?
19. Will swimming pools disinfect the virus?
20. How will we handle safety of kids playing sports?
21. Will I get all the symptoms or just some of them?
22. Is the swab test an accurate test? How long until virus shows up?
23. If you see a family member withdrawing, is that a sign you need to get them help?
24. What is risk for asthma patients?
25. What are appropriate quarantine procedures in a preschool environment?
26. What are risks for taxi/Uber/Lyft drivers?
27. Concluding Remarks