LeadershipLATINO All Stars!

  • Gil Lucio

     Gil Lucio ran a successful campaign and Is now a City Councilman in the City of Palm Valley, Texas.   He also serves on the Harlingen Texas Veterans Advisory Board addressing veterans needs.  

  • Israel Varela

    Currently works on the Faith Johnson for Dallas County District Attorney Campaign as the Co-Chair of the Hispanic Outreach Committee. Additionally, he is a member of the non-profit A Better Dallas working to build up grassroots activists and outreach engagement efforts in Dallas County. He served as a Sgt. At Arms at the RPT State Convention held in Houston in June 2022, Chaired the SD 16 Resolutions Committee for the SD Convention March 2022, Served as a Republican Election Judge for the Primary Election in 2022 and is a Member Hispanic Outreach Committee for Dallas County Republican Party as well as Precinct Chair #1151 in Dallas County.

  • Aurelino Prado

    Planning a campaign to run for Bexar County Commissioner Precinct 1 in 2024

  • Michael Stevens

    Campaigning for State Board of Education, District 1. He will be on the ballot in 2023.


  • Girien Salazar

    Currently, I serve as a Governor Appointee to the OneStar National Service
    Commission Board (https://onestarfoundation.org/board-staff/)

  • Armando de Jesus

    What I have done is participate in my precinct convention and subsequently the State Party Convention in Houston as a delegate.

    I have been supporting Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne with contributions and going to her events. These events require a contribution.

    I guess you could say I am helping at the grass root level.

  • Gary Groves

    Gary has been actively involved in Jimmie Garcia’s campaign for State Representative District 39. 

    “The program was very useful for us in designing our push cards, designing our signs ,using social media to help the campaign and how to approach donors”

    He has also been involved with block walking in partnership with Governor Abbott’s Office as well as local fundraising and social media.

     “The campaign has truly blossomed and much of what we’ve accomplished is because of the knowledge we gained through your course”


  • Yzach Dominguez

    I became a Campaign Manager for State Rep. John Lujan for HD 118 on July 1st. I attended the LeadershipLATINO program on August 13th and ever since I have utilized a lot of the knowledge I earned that day.

    The most important thing is getting the candidate to make those phone calls for fundraising. Rep. Lujan is a very busy person who has a lot going on in his personal, life, and especially campaign aspects of his life. I definitely had to remind him to constantly make the phone calls and sometimes I even pull him aside to make those phone calls/emails.

    The second most important thing that I learned that day is to remind Rep. John why he is so successful; because he was authentic. He naturally cared about Republican issues like securing the border, bringing jobs to his community, ensuring that Texas energy isn't messed with by the federal government. It's his why. The WHY  really makes a huge difference because people can easily see through b.s. and they really appreciate it when politicians are authentic.

    After the election my plan is to work in Austin during the Texas Legislative Session.

  • Daphne Previti Austin

    Ran for 186th Felony Criminal District Court in Bexar County, Texas in November 2022.

  • Kronda Thimesch

    After graduating from the Leadership LATINO Program, Kronda campaigned for State Representative for HD 65 in Denton County, and won her election in November 2022.