Texas Latino Conservatives Oppose Judge Hidalgo’s Mask Mandate

The Texas Latino Conservatives (TLC), an Education and Advocacy Non-Profit, strongly opposes County Judge Lina Hidalgo’s order for every resident in Harris County to wear a mask when out in public for the next 30 days.

“Judge Hidalgo has gone too far this time”, said Orlando Sanchez, President of TLC. “Harris County residents have been very good at staying home, social distancing and practicing good hygiene out of respect for those older and infirmed in our community”, Sanchez added. “To now order every resident to wear a mask is not only draconian, it is tyrannical. Nothing in Chapter 418 of the Government Code allows government to fine us for being in public without masks. Government cannot usurp power we have not granted. The Judge has overstepped her authority”.

TLC has been holding Tele-Town Halls over the past two weeks, educating Latinos state-wide on the COVID-19 crisis and how to best navigate personal, business and health related issues. Senator John Cornyn was on the call last week speaking directly to over 13,000 Texas Latinos about the Legislation being considered and offering any help his office could provide directly to help those in need. Also, on the call was the head of Epidemiology at UT Health Science Center – Texas Medical Center, Dr. Luis Ostrosky and a representative from the Small Business Administration.

“TLC will continue to provide experts to help the Latinos across the state of Texas with this pandemic. However, it will not stand by and allow an over reaching authoritarian to tell people how to live their lives”, Sanchez concluded.