Yzach Dominguez

I became a Campaign Manager for State Rep. John Lujan for HD 118 on July 1st. I attended the LeadershipLATINO program on August 13th and ever since I have utilized a lot of the knowledge I earned that day.

The most important thing is getting the candidate to make those phone calls for fundraising. Rep. Lujan is a very busy person who has a lot going on in his personal, life, and especially campaign aspects of his life. I definitely had to remind him to constantly make the phone calls and sometimes I even pull him aside to make those phone calls/emails.

The second most important thing that I learned that day is to remind Rep. John why he is so successful; because he was authentic. He naturally cared about Republican issues like securing the border, bringing jobs to his community, ensuring that Texas energy isn't messed with by the federal government. It's his why. The WHY  really makes a huge difference because people can easily see through b.s. and they really appreciate it when politicians are authentic.

After the election my plan is to work in Austin during the Texas Legislative Session.